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Behavior Change App


Crazy Alarm is an app designed for people who struggle to get up early in the morning. By accomplishing easy tasks to turn the alarm off, users are guaranteed to wake up completely when needed.


To design an app that facilitates a behavior change in users.


Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro

Course & Instructor

Behavior, Michael Chaonver


4 weeks
Fall 2020


I decided to design a product that would benefit me too. First, I listed 5 behaviors that I want to change. These behaviors all come from the little troubles in my life. Through Mural, I asked my classmates to vote for the most empathetic concept.

It turned out to be that the most popular concept among students is the first one, which is to change the bad behavior of not being able to get up on time.


I analyzed the three elements of each behavior.
1. Why is this behavior easily changed?
2. Why is this behavior not easily changed?
3. Why is this change in behavior important?


Alarm Clock App,

I chose the most voted concept and further clarified what I would make for the users. 

Mobile phones are more suitable for being carried around than other electronic products. Considering how often people use mobile phones, I think designing an enhanced version of the alarm clock app can effectively help people get up on time.​


How might we make sure users would not fall asleep again after the ringtone rings?

I utilized reverse thinking. Do not let users get up later, which means the app needs to compulsively realize the purpose of getting users up on time. This is the practical value of the alarm clock. In order not to make this punishment process too painful, I conceived a concept in which users can adjust their own tasks for turning off the alarm.

When the set alarm rings, the user can turn off the alarm only after completing the task. These tasks are not difficult, but they can achieve refreshing goals in the process.

Sketches & Wireframes

<<<<< Slide To View >>>>>


Testing Insights

After sketching the basic screens of Crazy Alarm, I tested the concept with my classmates. I put the wireframes in front of them and see if they understand how the app works.

Final Designs

App Screenshots

画板 – 1.png


The final deliverable is a storytelling video showing the first time user experience of using Crazy Alarm. 
I received some feedback from my instructor and fellow students. 


This project has challenged me in every way. First, when choosing concepts, I noticed that some behaviors that are too broad are difficult to change. For example, "Develop a better lifestyle", this concept is too general and not targeted.

On the contrary, when I narrowed down to "make people get up on time", the problem became much simpler. I can analyze in more detail the reasons that prevent people from getting up early and the shortcomings of existing alarm clock applications.

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